How do I cancel my subscription?

Last Update: Dec 8 2017 6:19pm

You can cancel your subscription at any time with no hidden fees or penalty (for pre-paid subscriptions see below). Please keep in mind there is no way to re-activate a cancelled account. If you would like to re-join the Boxycharm family you will need to subscribe again, which, depending on the current demand, may place you on a wait list.

 To cancel your subscription, please follow the instructions below:

- Visit

- Click "My Account" and log in using your email address and password

- Click "Edit" on the subscription you would like to cancel on the left panel of your dashboard

- Click "Cancel Subscription"

- Click "Cancel Anyway"

- Select a reason for canceling

- Click "Yes, Please Cancel"

To verify that your account has been canceled, please be sure to check that the status of your subscription on the left-hand side of your dashboard says "canceled".

Please Note: You must cancel your account before the 1st of the month to prevent being billed for that month's box. If you cancel your account after you are billed for the current month's box, then that box will be your last. If you are emailing us to request for your account to be canceled, please be sure to send your email by the 25th of the previous month to give us the necessary time to get to your inquiry.

Pre-Paid subscribers: We do not offer refunds. If you cancel your pre-paid 3-month, 6-month, or yearly subscription, you will still receive the boxes that you pre-paid for but your account will not automatically renew for another term once your pre-paid boxes are exhausted.